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It's Not About Shoes

It's not about shoes. It's about tomorrow's journey and the days to come. Which is happier to walk with a map and a well-thought-out plan or to keep walking in the footsteps of the wind and water currents? I chose the former even though the obstacles that came were not just one. Even though my traveling companions would occasionally disagree with me. Even though my plans and dreams are not just about me. In my backpack, in the notes of my heart, there are so many happy hopes and dreams. Happiness for myself, my love, my children, family, and of course my parents. ::: 160322, in a small note ::: 📸 : @fitri_rinai

My Rainbow: Fatih - Faeyza

They are my rainbow who came into the world to bring the colors of kindness to his parents. They taught us how to stay patient in the madness of anger, not to cry easily even though it is very painful and sad Stay strong even though life's tests are sometimes unspeakable They are my rainbow. The colors they bring have become my strength in carrying out my role as a mother. :::260222 in a small note ::: @siantar_zoo 📸 By @kiki_utami_ #latephoto #blogfitriab #dosenblogger  #BloggerMedan  #fatih_faeyza_story